Nanonip WD

Pharmaceutical group: Disinfectant solution

Compositions: Colloid of pure silver nanoparticles


It is a disinfectant and water transmission line . One of the most important and common causes that reduces the quality of water used is the biofilms . In order to maintain themselves in the water , bacteria create colonies and a jelly protective layer around them that this protective layer has become calcareous over time with the precipitation of salts in the water, which in addition to changing the quality of the water, causes physical obstruction in the water transmission lines. This combination is also used to disinfect the mixers. Also, due to the effects of growth stimulation and immune stimulation, nanosilver can be used as a therapeutic aid in the occurrence of infections in herds. This product can be used in aquaculture farms to disinfect water, feed, inlet ponds, containers for keeping fish eggs and larvae.

Nano silver based compounds destroy biofilm colonies by affecting diester bonds. Also, nanosilver stimulates the immune system by stimulating non-inflammatory mediators and plays adjunctive therapeutic effects. This product does not interfere with the consumption of probiotics. Disinfection of manure and water also takes place through the following mechanisms:
  • The electrostatic magnetism of silver ion prevents the biological activity of microorganisms.
  • Nano silver tend to have very high reactivity with sulfur, so by affecting the S – H bands in the cell wall of bacteria or covering viruses) and converting them into S – AG bands, it causes changes in the structure and conclusion of these proteins It causes a disruption in the osmotic balance of microorganisms and the leakage of cell contents and eventually death.
  • Nano silver penetrates into the inner layers and changes the structure of enzymes and coenzymes, which have the nature of protein structure, with the same mechanism that causes disruption in cell metabolism.
  • By surrounding the mitochondria due to its positive electrical charge, Nano silver causes disruption in the electron transfer chain and subsequently disrupts the production of cellular metabolism. This mechanism causes the suffocation of microorganisms, especially in the case of fungi.
  • Since silver is a very strong catalyst, by entering the disulfide reactions in the microorganism’s genome, it will disrupt the reproduction of the microorganism.
As a result, silver nanoparticles play their role by destroying the cell wall, disrupting metabolism, disrupting cellular respiration, and ultimately disrupting reproduction and reproduction. And because of this variety in the mechanism of effect of Nano silver on microorganisms, in many articles and authoritative scientific references of the world, Nano silver is referred to as an irresistible disinfectant by microorganisms.

Advantages of WD Nano nip:

  • Biofilm removal and prevention of biofilm formation
  • Absence of edible toxicity and can be used in water and feed for livestock and poultry
  • Non-corrosiveness of pipes
  • No smell and taste in water
  • No skin and mucous membrane irritation
  • The impact on a range of temperature (from 8 – to 108 + C)
  • Failure to create microbial resistance due to multiple mechanisms of action of Nano silver compounds
  • Effect in acidic and alkaline PH (from PH=3 to PH=11)
  • Effects of growth and stimulation of the immune system
  • Economical
  • Eco-friendly
  • Stable and without the risk of ignition during storage due to pressure and temperature
Livestock and poultry production industries: Poultry farms, animal husbandry, breeding and breeding complexes, and food and poultry supplement production factories.
Dairy industry: dairy factories, milk collection centers, milk storage tanks and products, and milk transport machines.
Meat industries: slaughterhouses, packaging factories and meat product factories
Food industries: canning and fermentation industries and packaging clinics and laboratories: surface disinfection, diagnostic and examination devices, sensitive analyzer equipment and devices.
Uses and dosage:
Dosage and method of useThe time required for full effectDosageUses
Wash a liter of concentrated solution with 99 liters of water and then wash the entire system with water .3-6 hours%1Biofilm removal and cleaning of water transmission lines
100 cc per 1000 liters of water continuouslysteadilyPrevention of the formation of biofilms
Spray 1 liter of concentrated solution in 2 liters of water in 3 to 4 tons of soil.Daily usefeed disinfection
50 to 100 cc in 1000 liters of water15-30 minutesDisinfection of water in the presence of aquatic organisms
A liter of concentrated solution is sprayed on 80 liters of water and then spray to the packing site before fish and shrimps .15-30 minutesStorage cold storage Fish and shrimp
A half-liter of concentrated solution will be sprayed with 5 / 99 liters of water and then spray before loading .15-30 minutes%5/0Disinfection of tankers and trucks carrying baby fish

Caution: Keep out of the reach of children.

Expires: 30 months after production.

Maintenance requirements: Keep in a dry, cool place away from the sun.

Packaging: in 1 and 4-liter polyethylene containers.

Licensed by the country’s veterinary organization.

Having a nanoscale license.

Has the health license.