Pharmaceutical group Detergent

Compounds Nonionic detergents Amphoteric Surfactants-Nanomaterials Anti-fouling compounds- Water hardness reducing compounds and foamers

This product is a very strong nonionic detergent, which, by having some special compounds, reduces the surface tension of the pollution mass and makes it softer. This makes it easier to clean poultry and livestock halls, hall equipment (feeders, drinking troughs and cages, etc.), slaughterhouses, transport vehicles, all kinds of machines and equipment for different industries, including food industries.

This product is well grounded in organic materials such as fats, fertilizers and pollution on the surface, and by directing a water molecule into the hydrophobic structure of these organic compounds, it breaks down to be easily washed. It is dissolved in normal and hard water, and after the duration of the work, the effect is easily washed with water.
  • A strong detergent and an effective cleaner
  • Adaptive with disinfectants unlike conventional detergents
  • Quick diffusion power in fats with high degrease
  • High foaming (froth)power
  • High solubility in water
  • Suitable for use in hard water
  • Ideal for every type of pump and the washing machine with cold or hot water.
  • No harmful vapors for the respiratory system
  • Economical
  • can be used on any level of cement, brick, wood, metal and rubber
Livestock and poultry production industries: Poultry farms, animal husbandry, breeding and breeding complexes, and food and poultry supplement production factories.
Meat industries: slaughter houses, packaging factories and meat product factories
Food industry: canning and fermentation and packaging industries
Dosage and method of useThe time required for full effectDosageUses
It should be used with a dilution of half to 2% depending on the depth of contamination. After preparing the appropriate dilution, pour the prepared solution into the pump and spray it with the appropriate pressure (about 50 to 70 bar) at the rate of half a liter for each square meter and rinse after 10 minutes.10 minutes%2-5/0Washing surfaces and equipment

-Caution: Keep out of the reach of children.

-Expires: 30 months after production.

-Maintenance requirements: Keep in a dry, cool place away from the sun.

-Packaging: in 1 and 4-liter polyethylene containers