Being antibacterial and antimicrobial is one of those characteristics that the detergent related to this type of product must have a Nano structure. New nanostructured antibacterial and antimicrobial compounds can prevent the growth and spread of pathogenic bacteria and germs before they enter the human body and It prevents the spread of many bacterial diseases (such as the plague) and viral (such as influenza and …) So wash and disinfect by using Nanonip detergents.
Nanonip; It both washes and disinfects

Nanonip household products
Nanonip veterinary products

By selecting and using the right detergent and disinfectant, the amount of antibiotics and the rapid spread of pathogens in the herd can be drastically reduced during the breeding period. and the enormous damage caused by livestock and livestock diseases that come from the growth and development of some viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites and it prevented these products from the time of production to the stage of slaughter and then packaging and even in cold storage.
in the age of nanotechnology and impressive growth in this industry, we can study the principles and the consumption of products that we are capable of nano – technology as well as eco – friendly. With the lowest cost, the elimination of chemicals, increased productivity, efficiency, and significant loss of damage and loss.